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About Us

About DesignerHub

Building Connections

DesignerHub is all about building connections in the In-Building Systems design portion of the construction industry. In particular, we focus on the following sectors:

  • Fire Protection
  • Fire Alarm/Special Hazards
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing


Committed to Helping You Succeed

We’re committed to helping you succeed by connecting you with the highly qualified professionals you need for your project. Our dedicated platform provides access to top-level, specialized talent. Say goodbye to the clutter, stress and expense of wading through the masses of profiles on job boards. At DesignerHub, we make it easy for you to identify a designer who meets all of your specified criteria and has the background necessary to get the job done right.

How DesignerHub Works

Our portal is set up in an easy-to-use format. It’s divided into a series of boards that will allow you to more efficiently locate the right providers to address your specific needs.

Design Companies Board

We have a Design Companies Board where engineering firms, design firms and freelance designers are listed. Choose your industry and use the filter to refine your search, click on the profiles for more information about the services these firms provide, and contact them directly.

You can fill out an RFP. If you have a project and you’re looking to outsource the design, simply fill out the RFP and we will send it out to the design companies that match your requirements. Receive proposals and choose the company that best fits your needs for that project.

Company Board

We have a Company Board that contains a list of companies who outsource some or all of their design work. This is a resource for design companies to be able to contact these companies, build new relationships and get more projects.

Employment Board

We have an Employment Board. Search employment opportunities from all over the world. This provides an efficient way to refine your job search and identify companies that might be a good match for your skills, experience and interests.

Resume Board

We also have a Resume Board. This feature makes it easy for your company to proactively identify the right talent to address your open position. Eliminate hours of wading through resumes that don’t match your requirements. Our Resume Board elevates the hiring process to new levels by streamlining the time and resources you devote to this task.

Select by industry and filter to refine your search. Click on the profile for more information and their resume. Then contact the candidates that fit your requirements.

Our Community

We’ve put together one of the most extensive communities in the industry, allowing you to unlock possibilities that aren’t available without these resources.

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Our History

Our founder, Ryan Waterman, brings a unique background and experience which guides the DesignerHub community and allows our members to thrive. From our humble beginnings, DesignerHub has grown into a robust community that connects like-minded professionals who help each other succeed.

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Our Purpose and Values

DesignerHub is committed to building connections that empower the success of others in our community. We achieve this goal by living our values each and every day.

Purpose & Values

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At DesignerHub, we bridge the gap and build long lasting connections in the construction industry, throughout the world. Join our community today to unlock the possibilities available with our vast network of resources.

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