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Fire Alarm & Special Hazard

Fire Alarm & Special Hazard Designers

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DesignerHub is the go-to resource for the fire alarm and special hazards industry. This includes, but is not limited to:

Safety First

Fire alarm and detection systems are crucial to every building, allowing you to identify the presence of a fire in its earliest stages. This not only increases the likelihood that all individuals in the building will have time to evacuate safely, but it also informs emergency responders right away, ensuring the fire will be controlled as quickly as possible.

Special Hazard Systems

Special hazards systems are used to extinguish fires in areas where sprinkler systems may cause devastating, irreparable water damage to assets in the building. The agents used by these systems allow you to put out a fire quickly while minimizing damage to property. The following items may qualify for a special hazards fire protection system:

Fire Alarm and Special Hazard Resources at DesignerHub

At DesignerHub, we can connect you with the services necessary to address your fire alarms and special hazards system needs. You can access all of these resources right in the app. Simply use the filters to select your desired solutions.

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