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Industry leaders, business owners, HR professionals and managers can take advantage of our services to find the best providers for the services they need and to hire industry professionals.

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When you join our community, you can:

  • Post a job to the Employment Board if you are looking to hire
  • View profiles and resumes on the Resume Board and contact them directly if you are looking to hire.
  • View profiles, example drawings and more on the Design Company Board and contact them directly for the services they provide.
  • Post an RFP if you have jobs that you need help with
  • Post your profile to the Company Board to allow Design Companies to connect and build a relationship with you.
  • Advertise your company to achieve greater exposure
  • Sends emails to all relevant contacts within our community, spotlighting your company and the job opens available.
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Our Tools

You can use the following tools to network with our community and achieve your desired goals:

  • Resume BoardProfessionals looking for employment can list their resumes here
  • Design Company Board Freelance designers, design companies and engineering firms offering their services are listed here
  • Company Board Companies seeking outside design help and RFP’s are listed here
  • Employment Board Companies looking to fill a position can list their employment opportunities here

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