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DesignerHub History

Building Relationships

DesignerHub was born from the struggles that our founder, Ryan Waterman, faced building his own Fire Protection Design Company. He found that getting his foot in the door to start building relationships with Fire Protection companies was the toughest part about growing his business. He would often get blocked or sent to voicemail. While he was confident many of these companies would be interested in his services, he simply couldn’t get to them to start building a relationship.


After years of hard work and persistence, he was able to build many incredible relationships within the industry. In the process, he found out that many companies are actively looking to outsource much of their design work. However, they simply couldn’t find Design Companies.  Ultimately, this is how DesignerHub came to be.

From Humble Beginnings to a Thriving Community

DesignerHub was first launched in May 2013. Fire Protection design companies and freelance fire protection designers would list their services on the site. DesignerHub would then spread the word to companies that they could connect with these service providers on our platform.

Since its inception, DesignerHub has worked hard on bridging the gap between designers and companies to help build long-lasting relationships.

We have expanded the site to all In-Building Systems:

Expanded Services

In addition, we’ve expanded the services and capabilities available to the members of our community:

  • We added our RFP service, allowing companies to receive proposals from freelancers and design companies based on a specific project.
  • We added our Employment Board and Resume Board for those seeking employment and those looking to employ.
  • We’ve added our Company Board, which provides a list of companies who outsource some or all of their design work. This is just another way we help build relationships and bridge the gap.

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