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DesignerHub is a vast community of FP, FA & MEP professionals. We connect you with the highly qualified professionals you need to complete your next project.

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Design Companies

Sign up as a Design company if you are an Engineering Firm, Freelance Designer or Design Company. You can network with Companies who have projects that require your services and hire the right professionals to join your team.

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Designers and industry professionals can connect with companies in need of their talents in order to secure employment.

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Companies can network with leading design companies in order to find the right service provider to fill your project needs and find the right professionals to join your team.

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DesignerHub partners with a variety of in-building system industry-leading professionals to provide valuable resources to our community.

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Welcome to DesignerHub

Find Fire Protection, Fire Alarm/Special Hazards & MEP Professionals

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Connect with Professionals

Welcome to DesignerHub, a community of in-building systems design professionals. We connect you with other professionals and industry leaders from around the world in order to foster greater success for everyone involved.

We now live in a global world. This brings both challenges and opportunities:

  • The market for quality designers is scattered, making it extremely difficult to connect with the right partners for your next project
  • You have greater access to the best talent around the world than ever before, creating a unique opportunity to work with leading professionals in your industry

The best way to address these challenges and leverage these unique opportunities is by being part of a community that connects you to the best and brightest throughout the industry. That’s where DesignerHub can help.

A Unique Community of In-Building Systems Design Professionals

We are the only designer-focused employer platform dedicated to connecting you with highly-qualified in-building systems design professionals. Our resources are focused on the following aspects of the industry:

Our dedicated platform allows you to:

  • Find freelance designers, design companies and engineering firms for project work
  • Find and hire new quality design employees for longer-term staffing needs
  • Connect with companies in need of your services
  • Find service providers to address the project needs of your company
  • Leverage the resources provided by our industry-leading partners to further your career

In-building systems design needs are unique. Our dedicated platform provides access to top-level, specialized talent. Sourcing the right designer for your next project or your next hire has never been easier. The barriers to discovering and connecting with companies in need of your services are eliminated when you leverage the resources provided by our community. Everyone involved has access to the tools you need to thrive.

There is strength in numbers. The DesignerHub community helps you make the right connections at the right times, creating a formula that all industry professionals need to succeed.

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Fire Protection

Our fire protection resource boards give you access to valuable services and systems that will help you take your career to the next level.

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Fire Alarm & Special Hazard

We’re your go-to resource for the fire alarm and special hazards industry. Use our resource boards to find the right professional for your job.

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Our community includes a wide range of professionals offering plumbing design services. Use our resource boards to find the right services and systems for your next project.

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Electrical design professionals can leverage the resources on DesignerHub to take the next step in their career. View our resource boards to connect with other professionals in the industry.

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Need help with a mechanical design project? We have you covered. View our resource boards to connect with the right professionals to address your needs.

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I have been in this industry for over twenty years and I only know of about two freelance designers. They are just hard to find. DesignerHub has become a great resource for us to find that next freelance designer for our next project. Being the largest union fire protection company in the country, and with dozens of offices in the western United States, I would recommend DesignerHub to all our branches needing design help.

Rick Charles - VP at Western States Fire Protection

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DesignerHub provides a good platform, for a fire design company like us, to offer cost effective design support with improved quality.

Basheer - Manager Fire Safe at National Fire

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The Designer Hub has been an affordable and effective way to advertise my business. I now have new long term clients from companies in New Mexico, Utah, and Denver thanks to Designer Hub. I would recommend Designer Hub to any Freelance Designer looking to increase their number of clients.

Alan Bruch - Owner at Fire Design Colorado LLC

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We have been in business since 1986 as a fire protection design consulting firm. We have designed fire sprinkler projects of all kinds for many different sprinkler contractors across the country. DesignerHub has been a great benefit for our company since joining. We have made several new business connections as a result of our Designer Hub listing.

Kent Stewart - President at MTA Fire Protection Consultants

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At Thompson Fire Sprinkler Design - We estimate, that over 50% of our work is being generated from Designer Hub, and now receiving design opportunities internationally. Designer Hub has become an important part of our success.

Dana Thompson - Owner at Thompson Fire Sprinkler Design

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