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Industry Trends in Design Software for FP, FA and MEP

The building systems design industry is constantly evolving, and it’s critical for FA, FP and MEP professionals to stay on the forefront of all technology advancements as they occur. This is especially true in the industry’s software segment, which is evolving at a record pace. New developments in software platforms are allowing designers to tackle increasingly complex projects more effectively while delivering better results than ever before.

The following trends in design software are shaping the future of FA, FP and MEP design, ushering in a new era in the way designers work, innovate and collaborate.

Cloud-Based Software

As more companies shift towards a remote work model, the need for cloud-based software solutions has never been greater. Cloud-based software allows designers to access data and tools from just about anywhere, as long as they a have strong internet connection. It allows multiple designers to work together in a shared virtual space, offering a variety of benefits:

Generative Design

Software platforms utilizing generative design technology allow designers to create multiple solutions to a project based on a set of parameters established at the onset of the project. It provides designers with a wider range of possibilities, allowing them to optimize their final design to address the specific criteria that are most important to the success of the project.

Generative design software allows designers to enter project goals, along with input criteria associated with materials, size, weight or cost. The software will then evaluate all potential possibilities to find the best solution for the specific application at hand. This enables FA, FP and MEP professionals to identify innovative approaches to a project that will improve efficiency and lower costs while maintaining the high standards expected by a client.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities

AI capabilities for design software for FA, FP and MEPWe’re already starting to see AI technology being incorporated into some design software platforms. This technology will improve predictive analysis and provide the ability to automate a large portion of the design associated with many projects. This significantly improves the efficiency of projects, allowing designers to dramatically improve their workflow.

Software on Demand Options

Design software typically costs a lot of money to implement. Between purchasing enough licenses for everyone on your team and paying for regular license upgrades, software costs can often stretch your budget thin. This issue has led to a change in the way many software vendors are charging for their platforms.

There are two new approaches being adopted which allow design companies to access a wider range of software solutions without paying the high cost associated with full licenses:

The software on demand approach is particularly beneficial to designers, as it provides you with access to potentially expensive software tools that may only be needed for specific projects. This allows for a more cost-effective approach that gives you the ability to leverage the benefits of a larger number of software solutions that address the specific needs of your business based on the projects you’re currently working on.

Greater Consolidation of Software Tools

Labor shortages in the design industry may force a different kind of shift in the software technologies valued by design companies. There is a trend towards consolidation in order to reduce the total number of software tools being used. Many companies are beginning to shift to software that performs a wider range of functions and applications.

This trend will help reduce training costs and allow new designers to get onboarded faster. These tools will also provide greater consistency and adaptability between projects.

DesignerHub Can Help You Find the Right Software Solutions

DesignerHub has established connections with a variety of industry partners. This provides designers and design companies who join our community with greater access to the resources they need to successfully complete their projects.

Many of our industry partners are software vendors. When you join our community, you can contact these vendors directly to receive additional information about their products. This is just one of the many ways DesignerHub is working to elevate the success of designers and design companies throughout the FA, FP and MEP segments of the industry.

DesignerHub makes the right connections at the right times to help you succeed. Join today to find the right software solutions for your business.

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