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DesignerHub Named Best Fire Protection Solutions Company 2020

DesignerHub is proud to announce that we’ve received the 2020 BUILD Magazine Construction and Engineering Award for the Best Fire Protections Solutions Company in the United States. This is a prestigious honor, and we’re excited to receive this recognition for our hard work building a vibrant community for in-building systems design professionals.

BUILD Magazine is a quarterly digital publication providing the latest insights for professionals working in the construction, engineering, architecture and design industries. In each issue, BUILD highlights some of the leaders and innovators moving the industry forward. They have become a go-to resource for professionals who are looking to stay current on the latest advances in the field.

Building Connections Among Design Professionals

While the BUILD Magazine award highlighted DesignerHub’s contributions to the fire protections sector, our company’s reach extends throughout the entire in-building systems design industry. Professionals in the following sectors can join our community to leverage the resources we offer:

Members of our community can connect with other leading industry professionals in order to help each other thrive:

In addition, DesignerHub has partnered with a wide range of industry-leading professionals who regularly provide valuable resources to our community. When you join the DesignerHub community, you can take advantage of these resources in order to further your career.

Helping Designers Navigate the Challenges Associated with the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the design and construction industry. Many design and engineering professionals have lost their jobs, and the competition for open positions is more intense than ever. During these challenging times, DesignerHub’s services have become increasingly valuable by making it easier for professionals to network with others who may need their services.

Our community members can use our resource boards to upload their resumes, connect with firms seeking their services and learn about open projects that may fit their unique skill set. The primary purpose of DesignerHub is to build connections between design professionals around the world. This will help eliminate many of the barriers experienced by professionals as they try to get noticed. Ultimately, these connections will create new opportunities that will foster greater success for everyone involved.

These relationships and resources have been crucial for many industry professionals who are trying to navigate the challenges created by the pandemic. As our world slowly recovers, the DesignerHub community will remain an important resource for all of our members.


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