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Finding Employment with a Great Company

While jobs as a designer in the FP, FA & MEP industries are extremely niche, looking for a great company to work for embodies many of the same concepts as it does in other industries. Finding a great company involves a lot more than simply finding a position that is a good fit for your skills. You spend a great deal of time at your job, and it must provide an environment that is ideally suited to helping you thrive. In addition, you’ll want to look for a place that provides the work-life balance you seek, as well as the job satisfaction you desire.

The following tips will help you understand the attributes to evaluate when searching for a fire protection, fire alarm or MEP job, as well as how you can position yourself to stand out during the application and interview process.

Attributes that Make a Company Great

The attributes that make these companies great are no different than the attributes found in other industries:


Company culture is essentially the personality of the company. It encompasses a wide range of items from the company’s values, purpose, goals, and work environment. It dictates how employees interact with one another, as well as with clients. It establishes the dynamic between managers and the people they supervise. Company culture plays a major role in how happy employees are at their job, and it often determines whether people will want to commit to a job long term.

Two companies may be hiring for jobs that entail roughly identical responsibilities, but they may be entirely different jobs based on the culture each business has cultivated. Whether a company’s culture aligns with your values, goals, personality and work style will strongly impact how much you consider them to provide a great place to work.

Therefore, it’s critical to prioritize company culture when seeking your next position. During the interview process, make sure you ask the company questions that will help you determine whether their culture is a good fit for you.

Growth Opportunities

plumbing designerGreat companies will invest in your professional development. While this often includes training and continuing education to grow your skills, it should also involve growth opportunities within the company. If there is very limited upward mobility within a company, the position you’re taking will most likely only be a stepping stone that will require you to move on in order to achieve career advancement. However, a company that provides growth opportunities allows you to advance within and potentially take on more of a leadership role as you demonstrate your readiness.

When interviewing with companies, make sure to ask about any growth opportunities that may exist. Dig deep and ask how these opportunities are made available, as well as how you may be able to carve out a larger role over time.


While salary is the primary component to your compensation package, many companies offer other benefits to make their job more attractive to top designers. These may include:

Some design firms may also offer a variety of other perks that may contribute to an improved work-life balance. These may include flexible schedules, the ability to work remotely on occasion, or a variety of other items that may allow you to have greater fulfillment in both your work and personal lives. Make sure to inquire about benefits when looking for jobs, as these can significantly improve your quality of life.

Making a Good Impression with a Great Company

interviewing for a job with a building systems design firmOnce you’ve identified a position at a great company to work for, the next step is to make yourself as attractive as possible. You’ll need to make a good impression in two critical phases of the process:

When applying for the job, make sure all your resume materials are complete. This includes:

You’ll also want to put in some time preparing for your interview to ensure you stand out during this important part of the hiring process. Make sure you have a list of accomplishments and past projects to highlight during interviews. Be prepared to discuss the projects and accomplishments that are most relevant to the position you’re applying for, as well as any others which may demonstrate your range, adaptability and problem-solving abilities. It’s also a good idea to be able to discuss examples of challenging projects and the ways you were able to overcome the challenges they presented.

DesignerHub Can Help You Find Employment with a Great Company

The in-building systems industry is highly competitive, and finding the right job opportunity can be extremely challenging. At DesignerHub, we can help you find employment with a great company, allowing you to grow your career.

We’re the only designer-focused platform dedicated to connecting you directly with in-building systems industry-leading companies. You can navigate our platform in several ways to find your next job opportunity:

Our Employment Board contains job opportunities from all over the world. You can filter by industry (fire protection, fire alarm/special hazards, mechanical, electrical, plumbing), years of experience and salary in order to unlock the opportunities that align with your skills, experience and interests.

Our Resume Board contains a list of qualified applicants for the top companies to reach out to. Creating a profile and posting your resume on this board helps you get noticed by potential employers in your specific area of specialization. To leverage our Resume Board to maximum benefit, make sure your profile is fully filled out. In addition to including your resume, make sure you list your:

DesignerHub makes the right connections at the right times to help you succeed. Join today to jumpstart your path to a new job.

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