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Welcome to the New DesignerHub Website

Welcome to the new DesigerHub website. We’re proud to be the go-to resource for in-building systems design professionals. We encourage you to join our community in order to connect with other industry-leading professionals.

What Is DesignerHub?

DesignerHub is a community that allows you to network with other professionals in order to grow your career or find the providers necessary to complete your next project. By connecting industry leaders from around the world, we’re able to help you leverage the opportunities available to foster higher levels of success for everyone involved.

Our community consists of the following professionals:

Increased globalization has created new challenges and opportunities for the in-building systems design industry. The scattered nature of the market makes it more challenging than ever to find the right professionals to complete your upcoming projects. At the same time, you have unprecedented access to the most talented design professionals around the world. This allows you to recruit the most qualified providers for your project, regardless of where they’re located.

At DesignerHub, we solve these challenges by bringing the best professionals together in one community. This will also allow you to leverage the opportunities that exist when you work with the most talented individuals in the industry.

How Does DesignerHub Work?

You can use our platform to connect with other industry professionals. We’ve created a variety of resource boards intended to make it as easy as possible to achieve your specific goals. With our resource boards, you can:

Connecting with the right professionals has always been challenging. By eliminating the traditional barriers to discovering and connecting with other industry professionals, you’ll have all the tools you need to thrive.

Leveraging Our Resource Boards

We’ve created four different resource boards to ensure the needs of our entire community are met:

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