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How to Select the Design Company that Best Fits Your Needs

One of the most critical decisions you’ll need to make with any project involves choosing the right design company to address your specific needs and goals. The success of any building systems design project hinges on the expertise, experience and creativity of the company you work with. The right design company can bring your vision…

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Industry Trends in Design Software for FP, FA and MEP

The building systems design industry is constantly evolving, and it’s critical for FA, FP and MEP professionals to stay on the forefront of all technology advancements as they occur. This is especially true in the industry’s software segment, which is evolving at a record pace. New developments in software platforms are allowing designers to tackle…

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What to Look for When Hiring Design Employees

Building systems design projects are highly complex, and hiring the right employees is critical to your ability to deliver successful outcomes that satisfy the needs of your clients. During the hiring process, you’ll need to find designers who possess the right blend of experience, qualifications and personal traits that will set them up for success…

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Finding Employment with a Great Company

While jobs as a designer in the FP, FA & MEP industries are extremely niche, looking for a great company to work for embodies many of the same concepts as it does in other industries. Finding a great company involves a lot more than simply finding a position that is a good fit for your…

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5 Factors to Consider When Starting a Freelance Business

The construction industry is increasingly embracing a per-project or service-based approach. This creates a wealth of opportunities for design professionals who would like to ply their trade on a freelance basis. There are many benefits associated with starting your own freelance business: Maintain greater freedom regarding the jobs you accept Grow your skill set over…

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